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A Repository of LacI/GalR Data

To explore the data use phpMyAdmin's Databases and SQL interfaces (using the allorep database).

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This database is a repository for sequence, structural, and mutation data for homologs of the LacI/GalR transcription regulators. The database was compiled by the Swint-Kruse and Teichmann Laboratories.

More information on using the AlloRep database can be found in the Allorep README and sample queries can be download as well.

Citation Information

PMIDs for publications describing the individual LacI/GalR data are included in the database.

Sousa FL, Parente DJ, Shis DL, Hessman JA, Chazelle A, Bennett MR, Teichmann SA, Swint-Kruse L. J Mol Biol. 2016 Feb 22;428(4):671-8. PMID 26410588.i

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